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Infrared cabins

New additions to our relaxation area include infrared cabins, coloured light therapy and aroma therapy.
The physiotherm infrared cabin is something very special for both fitness and health. It enables you to break into a sweat at just 35°C, which is far less stressful for the body.
If used regularly it can improve your immune system and sometimes even works wonders where pain is concerned, as it stimulates the circulation in the blood vessels and increases the metabolism. Unlike in a sauna, where sweating is caused by heating the air, in our cabins it is induced by heat penetrating the body.
In the rest area you will find total relaxation. Imagine you are swooping down the slopes or on the carving tracks, lying in a sun lounger or celebrating at an après ski party. Or think of a peaceful mountain spot, which is so beautiful you’ll never forget it, whatever works for you…

It’s so easy to turn a cold shoulder on stress.


21.03.2020 to 25.03.2020

4 nights incl. excellent buffet breakfast + incl. 3-day VIP ski-ticket


€ 591,50 / person
01.04.2020 to 04.04.2020

3 nights + incl. excellent buffet breakfast + incl. 2-day VIP ski-ticket

€ 432,00 / person
04.04.2020 to 03.05.2020

7 nights incl. excellent buffet breakfast + incl. 6-day VIP ski-ticket


€ 708,50 / person