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Relax & Spa

“Aqua lavande est” was a motto of the ancient Romans. And they very well knew all about the beneficial properties of water. In particular, warm water and hot cleansing steam were their winning formula.

In our spa area, you will find a classical type sauna. Hot and intense. Sweat fast, then plunge into the cold and finally relax peacefully in a lounger. An alternation between hot and cold.

New additions to our relaxation area include infrared cabins, coloured light therapy and aroma therapy.
The physiotherm infrared cabin is something very special for both fitness and health. It enables you to break into a sweat at just 35°C, which is far less stressful for the body.


21.03.2020 to 25.03.2020

4 nights incl. excellent buffet breakfast + incl. 3-day VIP ski-ticket


€ 591,50 / person
01.04.2020 to 04.04.2020

3 nights + incl. excellent buffet breakfast + incl. 2-day VIP ski-ticket

€ 432,00 / person
04.04.2020 to 03.05.2020

7 nights incl. excellent buffet breakfast + incl. 6-day VIP ski-ticket


€ 708,50 / person
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